Serious Crochet

Don’t think crochet and knitting are only meant for grandmothers or housewives who have nothing to do but to make some socks, scarf or sweater presents for their kids, grandkids, friends and families. If you have such thinking, check this sites on how crochet apply to create artistic pieces that were no lesser than other form of arts:

1) You have seen the real form of coral reef under the sea. Some mathematicians have used mathematical formulas to create hyperbolic planes and used paper to create the spiral form of coral. But Lativan-born mathematician Diana Taiminia, has combined her mathematical skill and crochet skill to form hyperbolic planes where two parallel lines curve away from each other. Read more at :

2) Crocheting technique is no longer just learn from some crochet basic books or some one who is more experience than you in crocheting and reading charts. Now you can take an International Diploma Crochet course, a three-part distance learning ‘diploma’. For more information refer to:

3) Here is another talented artist, Inga Hamilton, who use crochet to do sculpting for her art gallery exhibition.  Due to copyright issue, please refer to this site for more info:

Fellow crocheters, if you need some inspirations for you next projects, refer to the above links. I really hope that crochet technique could continue be adopted by many other areas and more people pick up the interest.

Long live the crochet!