Piggy vs Piglet

I have a plush piggy toy that I purchased very long ago. Cannot remember when and where was it. The only thing that I recall was I bought it because the piglet looked so cute with its chubby chins at two sides of its nose. One thing about soft toy is you never get too tired looking at them, the cute faces just melt all your troubles alway.

I have recently made a crocheted pig followed the design of the plush piggy. It took me quite a long time to figure out how to crochet the two fat chin beside the nose. Although it turn out not as chubby as the origin one, I’m quite satisfy with the outcome. I’ve also made a pinky hat to match my piglet. Both piggy and piglet are now standing side by side looking at me.

Piggy and Pigglet

So which one you like more? Any buyers for my pink piglet?

New Year Resolution

It’s a brand new year 2010 now. Where are my new year resolutions?

Getting very lazy lately on not updating this blog as often as I wanted to be. I was busily doing crocheting.. Yeah all the excuses…

Last few weeks of  year 2009 I was doing some last minutes projects: a modified ‘Hobbes’ from my tiger pattern, some mini christmas wreath to give to my family and friends, roses for a friend. Currently I am working on a Strawberry shortcake blouse.  I have placed my ‘Hobbes’ at etsy on sales now. Many viewers but no takers. Hmm..

Today I have finally take up the initiative to make out some resolutions for my future crochet projects:

1) Make a lightweight jacket from a design stated in Inside Crochet magazine (looking for soysilk yarn online, they are so expensive…)

2) Design something for the valentine  gift season, hello kitty? Heart shape cushion? Roses? Any ideas?

3) Seriously updating this blog for more crochet techniques: from basic to advance. At least two times per week  ( readers, please kick me if you don’t see any new blogs updates for a while :P)

4) venture to other kind of small accessories design like: hair bend, pin cushion, potpourri, etc.

5) Learn fulling (felting) – the process of shrinking knitted or crocheted pieces. You many wonder why would I want to shrink my precious handmade pieces so as to get a different kind of texture from its original pattern. I’ve been doing some researching on this and find it quite interesting. I think I would start something small first  like, a small pouch or something.

6) Last but not least, finish all my half done projects which include: handbag, cushion cover or pot holder, tissue box cover or cushion cover? That is for myself to interpret and determin. haha!

So hope that I could fullfil what I have written above. Time will only tell..

A year later I will make a point to come back to this blog to update what I have actually done.

So have you done your new year resolution yet?

Journey To Crochet

My Crocheted WorkI have learned how to crochet since I was very young. I remembered I learned it from my aunt. I used to stay at my grandmother’s house during preschool days. I have an elder brother and an elder sister with age gap of 4 to 5 years. My mother was too busy taking care of them during that time and I was then placed over at my grandmother’s care. From there onwards I always learn things from adults as there were no other kids around my age then.

I remembered I was always playing alone. When I was old enough to go to school, I seldom make friends and I spent my school holiday either stayed at home or again at my grandmother’s house. That was how I picked up a few things like typing, crocheting, singing Christmas Carol before any of the kids of my age.

I recalled I made a tumbler crochet cover during primary schools. I even made a very simple scarf for my classmate in primary six. My interest in crocheting went on and off as I grow older. I picked up a few more other hobbies like cross stitching, knitting, hardanger, and paper clay making. Still I find crochet is my beloved hobby.  Over the past 3 years I have constantly doing crochet work again. The crochet products that I have made so far ranging from motif  to scarf, blouse to handbags,  window curtains and afghan. I find a lot more interest to create my own piece of work rather than just following the patterns on books. I wanted to pursue this hobby further and hopefully one day I could come out with a book of my own design on crochet work. I am now working towards my dream now and hope that I could have constant inspiration to guide me towards achieving this goal.

Wish me luck and I hope if anyone out there who have the same hobby as me could drop me some comments on my work in this blog.

My Afghan

I mentioned before I’m doing a crochet project on an afghan with autumn patterns. Just want to share my progress so far.

  The various stages of blocks to be assembled.


 The finished blocks and crocheted with the others.



7 by 4 rows assembled.

Currently, I have finished up till 7 by 6 blocks. Still have 3 more rows of 7 to go. Keep it up!

Long time No Posting

I think I’m very lazy. Been stop writing for quite a while. In fact I’m never been a good blogger. Only written a couple of times. Decided to restart my blog again. Hmm what should I start then?
Let see.. wonder why other bloggers got so many things to write..

Let me start up with my my crochet projects then! After all these are the things that made me happy these days..

My last finished project was a long blouse made from cotton thread.

My second last project is a nice sweater. Published in my facebook. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=439702&o=all&op=1&view=all&subj=26900603056&aid=-1&id=664989823&oid=26900603056

The next one is going to be an afghan of autumn leaves pattern. I figure that would take a while for me to finish it.. Altogether there are 63 squares to make. I have finished 12 so far… Reminds me to go to Spotlight to buy more yarn..

Throughout the years I have done quite a number of projects, curtain, cushion covers, blouses, sweaters, scarf, etc. sure hope the price of the yarn go down so that I can do more projects in future. Ha! Ha!