Happy Crocheting

Time flies.. It has been months ago since I update blog post. What have I been doing lately?

Busy working and crocheting of course.

The past months were like daze to me.. I did many projects. In February till March, I finished 3 hobbes,  2 amigurumi cats and 2 tiger dolls crochet,  some for the orders on etsy and others from friends and relatives. I was happy my Calvin and Hobbes pair that I design in February found an owner. I also made another extra hobbes as one of my order almost did not deliver to the recipient. Luckily she got it just before I finished. Right nowI decided to rest for a while in making doll crochet. I think I’m a bit burn out now.

I also did a white shrug for my niece. It was made from cotton yarn and the final products looks hard but it stand out pretty nice. I quite like it and can’t wait to show it to my niece. Wonder how would it turn out as a skirt?

I did another shrug for myself. a purple colar yarn made from Moda Vera – mousse 70% Australian wook and 30% Soya. I have been wanting to try on yarn made from Soya lately. I got this beautiful yarn from Spotlight at a discounted price. The yarn gave a different shades of purple tone when look at different angle and it pretty much matches the pattern that I’ve chosen for the shrug.  I hope the weather in Singapore would turn cooler so that I have the chance to wear it. Ha! Ha! Still left 5 more rolls of purple yarn, wonder what project should I make out of them?

I have also mended my previously made pink blouse to make it longer. I wore it to work to show off my product to my colleagues 😛

Now I started make  a using a earthlygreen yarn made from100% Highland wool byelann.com Peruvian Highland Sport. I read the pattern from Inside Crochet magazine and can’t wait to start on this. The pattern has a fashionable and durable look that you would have thought that it is made from knitting rather crocheting. Can’t wait to finish to scarf to see the final product.

I still have a few more pending projects and lots of yarn purchased and awaiting for me to crochet. Happy crocheting!

My Crocheted Scarf

Recently I have updated the outlook of this blog to include my flickr photos. I added all my crocheted products photo inside and would like to share them with whoever is interested.

The first two photos are my most recent crocheted pieces on a scarf. It was made by a very simple design using weaving chain technique. The foundation design pattern is to form a mesh fabric to allow length of chain woven through it. The mesh crochet fabric is simply just a repeating of double crochet follow by a chain across the row as shown below (width approx. 16 cm, 6 inches):

chain-pattern1It is very easy to follow and in order to make it more colourful, you can do your color matching with the use of 3 different colours:

  • Yarn A (dark grey): 5 rows
  • Yarn B (yellow): 2 rows
  • Yarn A (dark grey): 3 rows
  • Yarn C (red): 4 rows
  • Yarn A (dark grey): 3 rows
  • Yarn B (yellow): 2 rows
  • Yarn A (dark grey): 5 rows

Repeat the above until the whole scarf length is approximately 137 cm (54 inches).


After that, you will need to do the weaving chains. Using Yarn A, attached yarn to the base of one edge chain space, make a chain of 140cm (55 inches) long and fasten off. Weave ch in and out of mesh fabric, taking ch over 1st row, under 2nd row, and so on until the end. Attach other end of ch to end of last row and adjust the lenth of ch as required so that fabric lays flat.

Repeat the waving chains above using yarn B for the next two rows, use yarn A again for the next 3 rows, yarn C for the next 4 rows, yarn A for next 3 rows, yarn B for next two rows and finally end with one row of yarn A.


To make the fringe, cut 24 lengths of each of yarn A, B and C, each 26cm (10.25 inches) long. Using one strand of each color, knot groups of 3 of these lengths across ends of scarf, positiong 12 knots evenly spaced across each end.

At the flickr photos showed the half weaved scarf using dark green, yellow, light purple colour. I have also used a forth color (ivory white) to replace the dark green color for the weaving chain part as I run out of the color. I personally find the results not bad as the contrast between the ivory white and dark green makes the weave chain quite outstanding. Below shows my end product: