My New Skirt

Sometimes you will need plenty of passion to keep things going.

Especially when you have a challenging crochet project on hand.

I just started making a skirt since last week. I was wondering when would it take me to finish and then suddenly I found myself now crocheting the belt of the skirt using Tunisian knit stitch. As mentioned in my previous post, this is the first time I am stitching Tunisian knit stitch. This would be a challenge for me to get my tension right so as the skirt would not appear either too tight or too loose. I can’t wait to wear my finished product!

As I was doing my skirt, I sort of wanting a sewing kit on hand so that I could keep my accessories. I found a coin purse that I did last month back, a cute cat face. I have left it unfinished for a while due to I could not find a suitable zipper for the purse. Recently I managed  to find a 10cm long black color zipper to match the purse and managed to finish sewing it. Although I like to crochet, I somehow hated to do hand sewing and always left my finished crochet bags with zippers and lining waiting there to be sewed. Guess I lack that kind of passion to keep things going then. ;P

As seen at the left picture, beside the purse is a pin cushion that I just modify from a snowman head. Isn’t it cute?

So are there any crocheters out there having some of your unfinished crochet projects hidden some where?  Time to stop giving yourself any excuses. It is coming to year end and what are you waiting for? Take them out and give a boast to your passion and make it a point to finish them.

Happy crocheting!

Thank You For Your Interest

I receive emails recently from people who were interested with my tiger crochet pattern. That really give me a boast of confidence. Once again thank you for your interest. Hope to see some feedback if you enjoy doing it.

I really wish I could go further to design more things in the future. Other than amigurumi dolls, I wanted to widen my design to other areas like handbags, blouse, skirt, accessories, etc.

Recently I’ve come across this crochet magazine from UK: Inside Crochet that gives me further inspiration for doing more crochet product. I am currently making my first skirt crochet by following a pattern given in Issue 3. The design make use of alternating between two single crochet(double crochet in UK) and two double crochet (treble for UK) as the base. Some lace pattern at the end of the skirt that make its look sexy and elegant. The belt of the skirt is of Tunisian knit stitch and this would be my first time crochet with this pattern. I’ve made a sample of the pattern to check my tension and it turns out that I quite like the Tunisian stitch. Can’t wait to see the end product.

You can find the digital back Issue copies at:

I really wish that one day I would have the chance to meet some of the crochet experts and learn from them the technique of design and dye yarn color. I also wish that I could stay in a country with four seasons and so I could have more product idea to design a winter jacket or an autumn scarf. Now I could only wear my crocheted jacket in an air conditional room. 😦

Making of Crocheted Craft Holder

Recently made a crocheted craft holder that uses a few crochet patterns. Basically just wanted to try out my design.

Started by makingCraft Holder a rounded base using a grey color yarn, I used the pattern for the making of a coaster.I make the side using forward and backward relief stitches with light purple yarn. Assemble the base with the rectangular side piece to form the shape of a holder, I slot in the circular cardboard yarn holder into the holder to strengthen the holder side. Fold the remaining length of the side piece into the holderdscn17211

I was thinking of create a cushion a the side of the holder to hold the pins and another pocket to hold scissors and crochet hooks. For the pocket I used grey yarn to make a single crocket rectangle block. For the pin cushion, I used a red color yarn to make a heart shape using single crochet.  Then attached the pocket to one side of the holder and the heart shape piece to the other side of the holder using sewing technique. Stuff in some cotton wool in betwen the heart shape pieces and the holder for the pin cushion.

 dscn1723Then I attached a lacey border surrounding the heart pin cushion. The lacy border was made with single crochet pattern, 2 ch, 2 sc on the 2nd ch, *2 ch 2 sc on the 2nd ch, repeat from * until the length of the chain is enough to cover the side of the heart shape pin cushion. Sew the finished chain onto the side of the pin cushion.


Wah lah! That’s it . It took me half a day to design and make it.



Long time No Posting

I think I’m very lazy. Been stop writing for quite a while. In fact I’m never been a good blogger. Only written a couple of times. Decided to restart my blog again. Hmm what should I start then?
Let see.. wonder why other bloggers got so many things to write..

Let me start up with my my crochet projects then! After all these are the things that made me happy these days..

My last finished project was a long blouse made from cotton thread.

My second last project is a nice sweater. Published in my facebook.

The next one is going to be an afghan of autumn leaves pattern. I figure that would take a while for me to finish it.. Altogether there are 63 squares to make. I have finished 12 so far… Reminds me to go to Spotlight to buy more yarn..

Throughout the years I have done quite a number of projects, curtain, cushion covers, blouses, sweaters, scarf, etc. sure hope the price of the yarn go down so that I can do more projects in future. Ha! Ha!