Crochet Habit

Its been a while.. I will always be in and out this blog post all the time.

To stay constantly blogging has been all the time my wishes. Yes wishes but not hope. Wishes may not come true, whereas hope has a higher chance to be true.

Whether blogging or not, my passion on crocheting has never stop.


I have been continuously working on crochet products concurrently with my busy work life. I have been living my life fullest: eating healthily (cook myself most of the weekends), cycling to keep healthy life style, building my relationship with people, working hard to prepare for my retirement, feeling lucky all the time and keeping my stress level low (at least I tried!). Every week I work 5 days to earn for my two days of pleasure over the weekends, doing all the things I like to do. Crocheting is one of my best hobbies. It helps to reduce my stress from everyday life.

As you keep repeating the same thing week after week till you get pretty bored, there comes the hiccup that tries to kick you out of the habit. You retarded and stop following your good habits and you may even went astray and pickup some bad habits like eat unhealthily, lazy on workout, spending time playing mobile hp games… etc. Then it comes to a point that you awake suddenly and want to go back to your good habit again. But the restart button usually takes some time to trigger.

There I am now trying to go back to my old time good habit to constantly writing blog to update my crochet journey.  I am trying to concentrating on working on niche of my crochet product. Some unique features that I can find out from my products to discover a new product line. I hope to create my own crochet products and live my life working on them! Wish me good luck!

Below is a crocheted handbag newly completed over the week end. Only collected yarn from SGshop on Saturday and finishing less than a day!


Crocheted Handbag

I bought a croceted handbag pattern from Spotlight. It came with a set with 6 yarns (3 white and 3 brown color) and an instruction on how to make the handbag. I started by following  the instructions but later found out that the result was not very good. The instructions used a slip stiitch pattern throughout. Kind of boring and tedious to do. I decided to discard the project and come out with my own design for the handbag.


I started to browse on my crochet pattern book and found this heavy weight pattern, trinity stitch I. I need a heavy weight pattern as my plan was to make a durable handbag with the given 55% Arcylic & 45% cotton yarn. I tried out the pattern first by crocheting a small piece of 10 patterns and  6 rows, at the same time testing out my guage size. Below are the instruction for the pattern, trinity stitch I:

1st row: 1sc into 2nd ch from hook, sc3tog inserting hook first into same ch as previous sc, then into each of next 2ch, *1ch, sc3tog inserting hook first into same ch as 3rd leg of previous cluster, then into each of next 2ch; rep from * to last ch, 1 sc into same ch as 3rd leg of previous cluster, turn.

2nd row: 1ch, 1 sc into 1st st, sc3tog inserting hook first into same place as previous sc, then into top of next cluster, then into next ch sp, *1ch, sc3tog inserting hook first into same ch sp as 3rd leg of previous cluster, then into top of next cluster, then into next ch sp; rep from * to end working 3rd leg of last cluster into last sc, 1sc into same place, skip tch, turn

Rep 2nd row.


Since I have two colors yarn, I decided to make 2 rows of trinity stitch of the same color then change color alternately. the result looks good as the two row of trinity stitch of same color looks like a star pattern.


With the gauge measured, I decided what size of the handbag to be made and increase the length of the pattern to sufficient length. As I have limited yarn given ( I won’t be able to purchase the same color yarn again), I have to roughly guage for the size of the handbag to be made. I would need to make 2 recetangle pieces of the same sizes to serve the front and back of the hand bag. I planned to sew the two pieces together at the side and at the bottom to form the base so as to do away the need of another piece for the base. To give some witdth to the bag, turn the bag with wrong side up. Then fold the two corners inwards and sew it tightly at the base.


Here comes the top for the bag. I tried a few ways to see what is best for the opeing for the handbag. Be it with 2 slings and a button at the center  or a zip sewed at the opening. Where should the two sling belts be placed and how long should it be? After some tried out I finally settled with the zipper and the two sling belts sew at the sides as shown:


That is almost all for my revamped crochet handbag. There is still this discision on how to settle with my previously half done slip stitch pattern piece. In order not to waste my effort, I converted it into a purse. Waiting to buy a 7 inches zipper to finish the project.


Now I have left 2 rolls of yarn, what to do with it? Hmm.. thinking of doing a handphone cover. Then I will have a full set of accessories made from the same yarn: a handbag, a purse and a handphone cover. Instead of getting a handbag, I got myself 3 pieces of products. I like my project. 🙂



Busy Fingers

I was busily doing crochet for the pass few days. Now I feel so restless. I still have a few more projects to complete. But I am getting lathagic. Guess I crochet too much. Tomorrow going to let myself rest for a day. But with my busy fingers I doubt I will rest.

Below shows the picture of what I did for the fast few days, some was started in progress a few weeks ago.

Most of the products I did are for christmas present. I doubt I can finish all the presents by christmas. Will see how it goes then. Maybe end up New Year present, Chinese New year present, birthday present.. etc. Anyway presents could be given any time of the year.  The main thing is sincerity. 🙂

Have to go to do a few more crochet work…