Third Day of Christmas – March 2010

After writing three blogs in a row, I really have nothing to write further. Except updating what I have done for March 2010.

I’ve made a pair of Amigurumi cats, signified wealth and prosperity.

I have revised my Hobbes pattern to make the stripes of black on the back of the head by interchanging the yellow and black yarn instead of pasting another stripes of black on to the yellow crocheted head. Another of my Hobbes sale was made then.

I almost completed a white color shrug for my niece. The pattern was taken from a crochet book. I chose a 100% cotton yarn due to the weather in Singapore was too hot for wool material. However due to the weight of the yarn, the completed project was kind of heavy. I’ve used 4 rolls of 100g yarn. You can see how heavy it could be. 😛

In the next post I will be doing more projects other than dolls. Stay tune.

Second Day of Christmas – February 2010

With a successful sale on Hobbes, I started to venture into making Calvin. This was the first time I’m making a human figurine. It took me some time to think of how to start with it. I have never attended any design class before. Being engineering trained during my territory school days; I have always thought that my left brain, logical mind is more well developed as compares to my right brain. I recalled I failed my arts most of the time during my school days and I believed I do not have any imagination cell in my brain. I have never design a single thing out in my life although I was a good copier. I was able to stitch out exactly any cross stitch picture, crocheting other people’s product but never create a good artwork before. It was the first time in my life that I wanted to do more on creating something out using my crocheting skill. I hope that my interest will sustain for a long time then.

Success will only follow after many rounds of failures. This is the lesson learnt after I completed my Calvin doll. I’m still not satisfied with the outcome and am thinking of remaking Calvin again for the coming month of 2011. In order to make a Hobbes with size matching the Calvin doll, I used two strand yarn to increase the height to 14 inches tall. That was the biggest doll that I have ever made so far and I recalled the amount of polyester fill that I have to insert to fill up such a big doll. J

It was Chinese New Year for the month of February 2010, I decided to make a new dress for my monkey doll. Together with my Chinese tiger doll, they made a great pair!

I began to miss my first snowman crocheting doll, I wonder how it was treated by its new master. Did it get squeezed all the time? I miss it so much that I decided to make my second snowman with purple scarf and hat. Now it still stayed with me in my office table, accompany with my Angel doll of knowledge (will be reveal in my coming post).

I have also made two small flowers for my friend that she asked for to be made as hair clips for her daughter. I think till now I still have not met her yet. When are you going to claim this, Crystal? But let me go find out where I have placed them first. 😛

So much for my work in February 2010. Lots of work indeed and I like being busily crocheting!

First Day – January 2010 Products

I hardly recalled what I did on the January 2010. That was the time that I just started the etsy site selling my crochet doll. I was amazed that I sold my snowman two days after I setup the site. I decided a lot on what to do with my ‘business’. Since it is a tiger year for 2010, I decided to make a tiger doll. I searched the webstite to look for a tiger doll that resemble something I wanted to make and got myself creating one by looking at some other crochet dolls picture. I finally I made one and my friends and family loved it so much. Though I may not sell any online (except the pattern) I managed to sold three of them to my friends a few months later.


Due to popular demand, I decided to modify my tiger doll to the more popular hobbes (Calvin and Hobbes) in US. Since I am selling over at US site, I should not be making dolls that are popular over at Asia like Doraemon, Hello Kitty, amigurami Cats, etc. That was the time that I figured that I should focus more on market demand than what I think I like. I was also thinking of the Valentine’s season and trying out making a Heart angel Hello Kitty. Too bad it did not catch any buyer.

I went back to make a pouch to try out if any buyers interested in crocheted bag. But it did not turn out well too. Well guess I have to concentrate working hard on the hobbes then. My reward at the end of the month was I manageed to sell my first hobbes away. 🙂

Stay tune for my next blog on how well was my ‘business’. See you!

Piggy vs Piglet

I have a plush piggy toy that I purchased very long ago. Cannot remember when and where was it. The only thing that I recall was I bought it because the piglet looked so cute with its chubby chins at two sides of its nose. One thing about soft toy is you never get too tired looking at them, the cute faces just melt all your troubles alway.

I have recently made a crocheted pig followed the design of the plush piggy. It took me quite a long time to figure out how to crochet the two fat chin beside the nose. Although it turn out not as chubby as the origin one, I’m quite satisfy with the outcome. I’ve also made a pinky hat to match my piglet. Both piggy and piglet are now standing side by side looking at me.

Piggy and Pigglet

So which one you like more? Any buyers for my pink piglet?

Happy Crocheting

Time flies.. It has been months ago since I update blog post. What have I been doing lately?

Busy working and crocheting of course.

The past months were like daze to me.. I did many projects. In February till March, I finished 3 hobbes,  2 amigurumi cats and 2 tiger dolls crochet,  some for the orders on etsy and others from friends and relatives. I was happy my Calvin and Hobbes pair that I design in February found an owner. I also made another extra hobbes as one of my order almost did not deliver to the recipient. Luckily she got it just before I finished. Right nowI decided to rest for a while in making doll crochet. I think I’m a bit burn out now.

I also did a white shrug for my niece. It was made from cotton yarn and the final products looks hard but it stand out pretty nice. I quite like it and can’t wait to show it to my niece. Wonder how would it turn out as a skirt?

I did another shrug for myself. a purple colar yarn made from Moda Vera – mousse 70% Australian wook and 30% Soya. I have been wanting to try on yarn made from Soya lately. I got this beautiful yarn from Spotlight at a discounted price. The yarn gave a different shades of purple tone when look at different angle and it pretty much matches the pattern that I’ve chosen for the shrug.  I hope the weather in Singapore would turn cooler so that I have the chance to wear it. Ha! Ha! Still left 5 more rolls of purple yarn, wonder what project should I make out of them?

I have also mended my previously made pink blouse to make it longer. I wore it to work to show off my product to my colleagues 😛

Now I started make  a using a earthlygreen yarn made from100% Highland wool Peruvian Highland Sport. I read the pattern from Inside Crochet magazine and can’t wait to start on this. The pattern has a fashionable and durable look that you would have thought that it is made from knitting rather crocheting. Can’t wait to finish to scarf to see the final product.

I still have a few more pending projects and lots of yarn purchased and awaiting for me to crochet. Happy crocheting!

Enter ‘Tiger’ Year

Chinese New Year has just started 4 days ago and now I am back to work. four  I really do not have the mood to start work today since the last four days I’ve been indulged on good food and relaxation.

Looking at my last post, I was kind of shame of myself on how lazy I became since I started the day job. No blog entry for the past 1 month! But luckily I was not stopping for my crochet work. The past four days I was trying hard to work on my new project ‘ Calvin and Hobbes’ in between the celebration of CNY. I would say I am proud of myself to come out with the Calvin doll design and almost completed another Hobbes doll of 16 inches tall to match with ‘Calvin’.

For the past month, I have also sold a Hobbes doll and made another of  my ‘tiger’ doll. It seems that Hobbes is well received in the western world whereas my tiger doll is well received in the eastern world.  Anyway, so long that people appreciate my effort I’ll be fine.  I am also thinking of doing something else other than doll for my next project. May be a sweater , mitten or a scarf design my me. Maybe another handbag.  It all depends when my inspiration will come.

Lately I have more enthusiasm in doing my crochet work than doing my day job. Really hope one day I could work full-time on crocheting to earn my living. That will be my greatest wish!

I did the Monkey’s dress on last Friday night.

It looks like my monkey and the tiger make great companion for each other!

See my latest design, Calvin. He and Hobbes are going to be the greatest companion too! I am in the process of finishing a larger Hobbes.. Only left the ears, mouth, and nose….

Where is the Snowman?

This is my latest design, a simple snow man.

You can display it on the table in your office or at home.

Every time I feel worry about anything, just take a peep at it and all my worries would melt down.

Every time I feel stress from my work, just squeeze it and all I would feel better.

Living in a tropical country, I seldom have the chance to see snow. I remember the first time I touched and played with snow was at Kirkland, near Seattle on a business trip in year 2001. They said it seldom snow over there. On an early morning in January, I woke up feeling pretty cold and saw this beautiful sight outside our rented apartment. At the car park place just outside the apartment were covered with a foot tall of snow. I saw those cars that were parked without a shelter were covered with layers of snow. That kind of feeling seeing every way was white was kind of a thrill to me.

Me and my colleagues were amazed by the scenery. While waiting for the car to warm up (so that we could drive to work) we four adults were happily playing with snow like no other kids.

Some of those family that lived in a valley had their road path all stuff wth snow that they were strained at home until the path were cleared by snow remove vehicles. There were news reported that people loved the snow so much that they rather took a day off from work or school to admire at the amazing whiteness that only came once in every four seasons.

If there will be snow in Singapore, I will definitely be thrilled and just spending all my time watching the amazing beauty created by the nature. Long live the snow!

My Recent Products – Crocheted Dolls

Full Collection of Crocheted Dolls
Full Collection of Crocheted Dolls

I felt like a creator lately, making all this cute Amigurumi dolls. The process of starting without knowing what would become, until seeing the end of each of them presenting itself was unbelievably thrill. Stuff dolls make such a wonderful gifts to the kids, and to those who are still young at heart. As for me, I enjoy more in the process of making rather than receiving them.

My mini journey (about 2 months) of doing crocheted amigurumi dolls made me a proud ‘mother’ of 13 dolls. I was quite reluctant to make one in the first place as I always thought that making crocheted dolls were very tedious and I am no good in doing craft. But after making my very first one, I got hooked onto it and made another 12 more.

I started by following the pattern as stated. Japanese patterns are very precise and easy to follow too. Their designs take each single details into consideration and you could imagine how precisely the doll would be like.  Most of the doll design comes with 9 parts: the head, the body, the two front feets, the two back feets, the ears and the tail. Some have nose protuding and that add on to another new piece. Some come with dresses, sling bags, hats or other accessories like a ribbon or a flower. The eyes were either made by felt or plastic knobs. Some would need some cosmetic stitches for their eyelids, mouth or whiskers. You never know what it will look like until you have finished till the end. Each one is so unque even if I make another same pattern doll  it could never turn up to be the same look. That is what make handmade so precious.

So far, I have make one Doremon, one Doremi, two Hello Kitty, one Maneki Neko, one dragon, one Hippo,  two cute bears, one dog, two pandas. The latest one that I made was a tiger doll. I wanted to do a tiger doll as next year will be the year of tiger. As I search through the internet, I came across the picture of a crocheted tiger doll. What I did was by looking at the picture, I found some similar patterns that I have used to make for the other dolls and improvise on them to create the pattern. It took me two days to try out and complete recording down the patterns and assembly the parts to the finished product. I’m kind of satisfied with the result. With this I am more confident of creating new pattern in the future. Tiger FrontView

I guess I my fingers would still be busy for a while. May be no more dolls (unless there are incoming request) but something else like bags or wearable outfit. But again you never know. I probably came across some cute doll pictures and my fingers become itchy again. Haha!

Most important of all is enjoy the process of making!


P.S. : Anyone who is interested in getting the tiger crocheted pattern (pdf format) for free can send me a request via email:

After notes: Due to increasing response for getting the tiger pattern, I decided not to give out freely. I will place the pattern for sales at Etsy