Enjoy a Simple Meal (Or Life)

On news and on radio, you will see or hear that people has gettling bored with the current stay at home situation for the COVID-19. What to do next?

Its my 6th weeks Stay at home now, now getting used to staying home weekend.

Wake up at 9 plus, my breakfast is a Pumpkin muffin that I made yesterday, do my exercise at home by doing Star jump and running around from living room to kitchen for almost 50 times (home too small), cook my meatball pasta

(Mum said that reminds her of Ikea’s meatball!), doing some small crochet craft, …etc. All are small little things that would occupy me the whole day. Who said there is nothing to do at home. The problem is whether you know what to find and what is your attitude when you are finding.

Compare to a normal week of working, after 9 to 5 office work, weekend is a relax day for me to coach into my chair and play games and watch show on Handphone whole day.



Did a photo stitch of what I have been doing the last two weeks. I think the crochet I did were more than last whole year before this COVID-19.

I guess this period give me some time to look into myself and realize what I should be doing to make me happy. The interaction with people tends to have its good and bad side. The daily office politics and city life  had somehow blinded my heart and sole and forget how to prioritize my time to doing things that made me happy.



God is fair to everyone, each has 24 hours per day. How to use it is subjected to individual. People claimed no time all the time, by not realizing they do not know how to manage time.

Well another week later, I will be back to the usual office working life. I wonder if I can cope with it. Wish that I will stay at present feeling and sustain prolong.


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