What You Can do During This Period

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a lot of people retrenched unexpectedly. Other than to work out on the financial impact that you and your family will encounter, your emotion and fear of what is going to be next is another issue that you have to look into. Here I’m sharing my own experience from the past, as stated in the previous post below:

I got retrenched  December 2008.  Ever since I started working in May 1993, I haven’t got myself such a long break before. If I counted the miserable  6 weeks of retrenchment benefit I’ve got (with no 13 months pay), I would consider myself lucky to get paid for the last 6 weeks of long break I had. Some times you have to got yourself think in a positive way in order to overcome the bad feelings you had.. 😛

Well I would like to write about what I had been doing for the past 2 months. Hope from my experience could help some of you out there who also like me to overcome the fear and the resentment of wondering what to do without a proper job.

I have been all the while working full time for my past 15 years. The only breaks I had was the annual leave of 14 days to get out of the country to go tour once a year or two. Annual leaves were very precious for an employee. Since I’ve got the chance to got myself a break I should have a plan to use it wisely.

First of all, I must make sure I need to get myself occupy on things that I like to do. If you have a lot of free time and do not know how to make use of it, you will soon end up thinking what is your worth of living in this world and begin to wonder if you are that insignificant and may lead you to negative thoughts. I remembered the first thing I did on my first official jobless Monday was to go to the library book to borrow some self help book to regain my self worth.

Your mindset is very important to decide on what you want to plan ahead with your life. I got this book – Pearls & Gems by Roger Foxall. There were a lot of phrases and examples stated in the book that help to pull you through all kinds of tides you encountered in your life. For example, I like this especially that related to my current situation under 12 Ways to a Better You :

“..9. Do not tolerate people, jobs and situations that make you feel inadequate. If you cannot change them or yourself enough to make you feel more worthwhile, walk out or pass them by. Life is too short to waste time on downers, whether it be an individual or a company to work for.

.. 8. Remember that sometimes failure and disappointment are blessings in disguise, telling you the goals were not right for you, the effort was not worth it, and a bigger let-down later on might be avoidable.”

Some way down the road I may find myself a job offer that was not suitable or got turned down from a high profile job. I just have to tell myself that it could be blessing in disguise.

After I have regained my self worth, I then do a brain storming on what I am good at. If you are familiar with using mind mapping technique, this would help you to brainstorm to discover more about yourself. You can also get help from your families and close friends and ask them what they think you are good at. Also think of if there are some dreams of  you hiding in one of those hidden corners that you have long forgotten.  Think of what are the things you started complaining when you were busy: When I have the time, I will do this and that… Start making a list of things you would want to do and set some goals that you would want to achieve.


Looking back at what I have posted more that 10 years ago, I see that I am still the same me. Never let my mood be affected by the current situation, Stay at Home, COVID-19, Circuit Breaker, etc ultimately will be over.

Just completed my 3rd crochet doll. It reminded me of my trip to Phuket, Kao Siok, Koh Samui, last year Dec 2019 with my friends. When I shared this picture with my trip mates, they missed the beaches. Wonder how much longer can we go back again..

Take Each Day As It Comes, Life Is Stressful Enough.

Do not Look Back And Grieve Over The Past, There’s Nothing Much You Can Do About It.

Do Not Worry About The Future, For It Has Yet To Come.

As Long As It Is Called Today, Cherish It!

Live This Day As If It Was Your Last, And You Will Find Each Day Worth Living For.


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