Another Circuit Breaker Day

So what am I doing at 10:30pm on a Thursday night?

Its been 3 weeks since the CB started in Singapore, all are avoiding going out on street due to this pandemic COVID-19. Everyone is experiencing this lock down at home first in a lifetime.  I have working from home during this period, going to office only 1 day per week. For this week exceptionally I did not go to office as there isn’t much things for me to work in office. Guess I am used to working from home now. I’m used to the lifestyle of  working early, prepare my 3 meals and go to market once a week in the morning. Yes I cook my three meals almost every day till I am bored with my own style of cooking.

Today is a public holiday in Singapore. I have been staying on my bed most of my time using my laptop to learn trading and surfing the website.

Then I came across my deserted blog for years, realizing how lazy I am. Where are my enthusiasm in blogging goes to?

On the radio, the DJ has been interviewing a called-in listener and asked her how she spend her time during this CB period. She answered that other than going to office to work ( due to her work is classified under essential and thus can go back to office), the rest of the time is ‘Nua’ at home surfing HP on social media like facebook, instagram, etc. ‘Nua’ in our dialect means sit comfortably and doing nothing, like a coach potatoes. I guess I am also doing that most of my off time when I am not WFH, cooking, crocheting, baking and doing housework.  But at least I tried my best to going down to my neighborhood park to walk three times a week.


Yes I have recently pick up another hobby: Baking. Well I reply on my Breadmaker machine to bake my bread. You can said it is kind of cheating to rely on breadmaker to make bread. Well, I did knead my own dough before but I am not always successful in making the bread. Using the breadmaker to knead the dough would be much easier and less time consuming. 😛

Also spent time to crochet socks for my mum for her birthday present.  Will be posting for of my crochet work on my next post soon.  Stay tune and good night! (11:14 pm)


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