Sourcing for Yarn in the Tropical Country

I came across a few people asking what kind of yarn to use for my crochet doll and decided to write down my point of view on yarn selection.

In the tropical country that I stayed, we seldom has the need to wear thick clothing that made from pure wool or fur. So when I select yarn for wearing purposes, I will try to avoid such thick yarn and choose more cooling yarn that made from cotton or bamboo material. This types of yarns are quite hard to come by in the context of my small country, Singapore, whereby it is hard to find the group of knitters and crocheters who are willing to spend time to knit a cotton made blouse or skirt to be wear under the bright Sun. However, there are still people willing to make a pure wool scarf, pullover or sweater only to be used in an air-conditioned room, when travel overseas or send it overseas as presents.

As for me to find a better source to find cooling yarn for me will be via internet. Usually yarns sold on internet could be in quite a reasonable price, provided the currency conversion is acceptable and the shipment cost is low. However, to ship yarn that sold in US or Canada to Asia is still pretty expensive and may easily cost double or triple its original price. I have also tried to buy yarn from countries that were closer to me like China, Japan or Australia. For Australia, we have a great store here, Spotlight, which provides the supplies. I hope we have more locals here who love this hobby and so increase the yarn sale which in turns trigger Spotlight to ship more varieties of yarn here. As for China I may not want to venture into it due to its quality. I heard some purchase cases that state what you see on internet may not be what you get at times. Good yarn from Japan is pretty expensive. We do have a crafty shop over in Singapore that sell Japanese yarn, called Golden Dragon. Some of the yarn price as compare to overseas is better and some could be pretty expensive.

Once a while I would pamper myself to buy some ‘expensive’ yarn over the internet. The price stated on internet is not that expensive. However after taking into account of the shipment cost, it becomes. But still I prefer to get some yarn over the internet to explore other types of yarn. Sometimes I really envy people who stay in seasoned countries who could make all kinds of products from different types of yarn. You won’t have the problem of not finding any occasion to wear them.

Back to choosing yarn material for making amigurumi dolls. Usually you don’t want to spend too much on doll materials unless you are make a doll for a person with sensitive condition like asthma or similar. So I choose 100% acrylic yarn. As for size of the yarn, I usually choose 8 ply yarn that uses 4 to 4.5mm crochet hook sizes to make dolls that are taller than 10cm. At times I would need to double up the yarn to make something bigger. My 16 inches tall hobbes are made from two strand of 8 ply yarn.

So no matter what type of yarns you used, it is worth to take the risk to try it out. It may not be suitable to a project you choose in the first place. Then try it on other projects. The more you try out the more experience you will get and who knows the outcome may be something out of a surprise and a fulfilling one.

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