Happy Crocheting

Time flies.. It has been months ago since I update blog post. What have I been doing lately?

Busy working and crocheting of course.

The past months were like daze to me.. I did many projects. In February till March, I finished 3 hobbes,  2 amigurumi cats and 2 tiger dolls crochet,  some for the orders on etsy and others from friends and relatives. I was happy my Calvin and Hobbes pair that I design in February found an owner. I also made another extra hobbes as one of my order almost did not deliver to the recipient. Luckily she got it just before I finished. Right nowI decided to rest for a while in making doll crochet. I think I’m a bit burn out now.

I also did a white shrug for my niece. It was made from cotton yarn and the final products looks hard but it stand out pretty nice. I quite like it and can’t wait to show it to my niece. Wonder how would it turn out as a skirt?

I did another shrug for myself. a purple colar yarn made from Moda Vera – mousse 70% Australian wook and 30% Soya. I have been wanting to try on yarn made from Soya lately. I got this beautiful yarn from Spotlight at a discounted price. The yarn gave a different shades of purple tone when look at different angle and it pretty much matches the pattern that I’ve chosen for the shrug.  I hope the weather in Singapore would turn cooler so that I have the chance to wear it. Ha! Ha! Still left 5 more rolls of purple yarn, wonder what project should I make out of them?

I have also mended my previously made pink blouse to make it longer. I wore it to work to show off my product to my colleagues 😛

Now I started make  a using a earthlygreen yarn made from100% Highland wool byelann.com Peruvian Highland Sport. I read the pattern from Inside Crochet magazine and can’t wait to start on this. The pattern has a fashionable and durable look that you would have thought that it is made from knitting rather crocheting. Can’t wait to finish to scarf to see the final product.

I still have a few more pending projects and lots of yarn purchased and awaiting for me to crochet. Happy crocheting!

2 thoughts on “Happy Crocheting”

  1. Hello, browsed through your work. Really marvellous, I would say. Just wondering what sort of yarns are you using for your dolls. Coz I still couldn’t find the most suitable type for making dolls. Still a beginner in crochet. Oh, do drop by my blog to have a look ya? Thanks.

  2. Hi, thank you for liking my work.
    The dolls that I made are mostly using acrylic yarn. I used the 8 ply (4/4.5mm corchet hook size) as the doll I made were usually of larger sizes. You can use the 4 ply(2.5/3mm crochet hook size) for small size doll of less than 10 cm tall. The yarn I purchased are mostly from Spotlight: Premium Marvel, Thorobred, Moda Vera Marvel. I choose all these brands due to ecoomy reasons and also due to the variety of color they have.
    I have taken a browse on your website. You made very cute dolls that I like too. Really inspire me a lot. Thanks for sharing.
    Great to know another Crocheter!

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