Recover from Heart Breaking Phase

I have gone through lately a ‘heart breaking’ phase: to part from my cute crochet dolls!

Good things were supposed to be shared with those you loved. I have given away 4 dolls so far and my families and friends loved my crocheted dolls (thanks for their appreciations) so much that they have further requests.

Since the last blog updates, I have made 8 more dolls: One rabbit, one dinosaur, one hello kitty, one doraemon, 2 amigurami cats, 1 small panda and 1 snowman.

I guess I have to get used to this ‘heart breaking’ phase to part from my dolls as all these dolls were be leaving me soon.

I have to stop making them for a while to recover from my ‘lost’. Here is is another special order for a doraemon from my mother’s friend for her daughter. I’ll be selling it at $20 US dollar. Any taker? πŸ˜›

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