Thank You For Your Interest

I receive emails recently from people who were interested with my tiger crochet pattern. That really give me a boast of confidence. Once again thank you for your interest. Hope to see some feedback if you enjoy doing it.

I really wish I could go further to design more things in the future. Other than amigurumi dolls, I wanted to widen my design to other areas like handbags, blouse, skirt, accessories, etc.

Recently I’ve come across this crochet magazine from UK: Inside Crochet that gives me further inspiration for doing more crochet product. I am currently making my first skirt crochet by following a pattern given in Issue 3. The design make use of alternating between two single crochet(double crochet in UK) and two double crochet (treble for UK) as the base. Some lace pattern at the end of the skirt that make its look sexy and elegant. The belt of the skirt is of Tunisian knit stitch and this would be my first time crochet with this pattern. I’ve made a sample of the pattern to check my tension and it turns out that I quite like the Tunisian stitch. Can’t wait to see the end product.

You can find the digital back Issue copies at:

I really wish that one day I would have the chance to meet some of the crochet experts and learn from them the technique of design and dye yarn color. I also wish that I could stay in a country with four seasons and so I could have more product idea to design a winter jacket or an autumn scarf. Now I could only wear my crocheted jacket in an air conditional room. 😦

Where is the Snowman?

This is my latest design, a simple snow man.

You can display it on the table in your office or at home.

Every time I feel worry about anything, just take a peep at it and all my worries would melt down.

Every time I feel stress from my work, just squeeze it and all I would feel better.

Living in a tropical country, I seldom have the chance to see snow. I remember the first time I touched and played with snow was at Kirkland, near Seattle on a business trip in year 2001. They said it seldom snow over there. On an early morning in January, I woke up feeling pretty cold and saw this beautiful sight outside our rented apartment. At the car park place just outside the apartment were covered with a foot tall of snow. I saw those cars that were parked without a shelter were covered with layers of snow. That kind of feeling seeing every way was white was kind of a thrill to me.

Me and my colleagues were amazed by the scenery. While waiting for the car to warm up (so that we could drive to work) we four adults were happily playing with snow like no other kids.

Some of those family that lived in a valley had their road path all stuff wth snow that they were strained at home until the path were cleared by snow remove vehicles. There were news reported that people loved the snow so much that they rather took a day off from work or school to admire at the amazing whiteness that only came once in every four seasons.

If there will be snow in Singapore, I will definitely be thrilled and just spending all my time watching the amazing beauty created by the nature. Long live the snow!

Recover from Heart Breaking Phase

I have gone through lately a ‘heart breaking’ phase: to part from my cute crochet dolls!

Good things were supposed to be shared with those you loved. I have given away 4 dolls so far and my families and friends loved my crocheted dolls (thanks for their appreciations) so much that they have further requests.

Since the last blog updates, I have made 8 more dolls: One rabbit, one dinosaur, one hello kitty, one doraemon, 2 amigurami cats, 1 small panda and 1 snowman.

I guess I have to get used to this ‘heart breaking’ phase to part from my dolls as all these dolls were be leaving me soon.

I have to stop making them for a while to recover from my ‘lost’. Here is is another special order for a doraemon from my mother’s friend for her daughter. I’ll be selling it at $20 US dollar. Any taker? 😛