Busy Fingers

I was busily doing crochet for the pass few days. Now I feel so restless. I still have a few more projects to complete. But I am getting lathagic. Guess I crochet too much. Tomorrow going to let myself rest for a day. But with my busy fingers I doubt I will rest.

Below shows the picture of what I did for the fast few days, some was started in progress a few weeks ago.

Most of the products I did are for christmas present. I doubt I can finish all the presents by christmas. Will see how it goes then. Maybe end up New Year present, Chinese New year present, birthday present.. etc. Anyway presents could be given any time of the year.  The main thing is sincerity. 🙂

Have to go to do a few more crochet work…

Relief Stitches

My hands were so busy today. I was busily knitting and crocheting a handbag for a Christmas present for my niece. At the same time busy checking email and play mousehunt and Fish Wrangler on facebook.

Life could be so meaningful if you are doing your beloved hobbies. I actually wanted to go for my body jam class tonight but my body was aching all over from the training I did yesterday. I met the good looking instructor yesterday on my way out from True Fitness. He waved a Hi to me. I was feeling guilty not having time to go to his classes nowadays . He probably using his charisma to attract people to his classes. Ha! (All his classes were usually full house :)) Anyway I was too engrossed with my crochet work the whole day and not feel like moving my butt.

Found new crochet stitches from the book “The Crochet Bible” that I borrowed from library on Monday. The front and back relief stitches, that were  the names of the stitches. These stitches  add extra surface relief to the work and sometimes also known as “raised” stitches. The stitches could create woven effects when working alternating blocks of relief front and back stitiches that push the top of the previous stitiches from one side of the work to the other, that is what the book said.

I am going to use these stitches to design a pencil case for my niece who is going to primary one next year. I wanted to post the photo of part of my unfinished work. Too bad my PC could not recognise my camera. I am asking my brother-in-law to buy me a card reader. Or should I go and download Adobe Photoshop Lightroom software to see if it can recognise my camera? Hmm.. too many things to do lately…


After note: Finally got my pictures uploaded from my Nikon coolpix S500. I found that I should have set my camera mode to USB mass storage. Then computer will take it as a disk storage and photos could be transfer easily. Vola!